About me

I am a Python programmer from Kerala. I love Python. Previously I have done Malayalam i18n & l10n in free softwares. I have worked for Free Software Foundation of India (as a job). I was a Koha consultant for some time. Currently I am doing lots of Python, PyGTK and PostgreSQL (about two and half years). I am a proud GNU Emacs user. And surely, I like Zope 3.

My Email Address

Postal Address (Office):

Baiju M
ZeOmega Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,
#20, Rajalakshmi Plaza
II Floor, South End road
Bangalore - 560004

Postal Address (Home):

Baiju M
Kizhuparamba (P.O)
Areacode - 673639
Kerala, India

Phone Number: +919945973441 (Mobile)

My Journal: http://baijum81.livejournal.com/

My Place: http://wikimapia.org/s/#y=11243083&x=76044960&z=16&l=0&m=a (I live near Siyo movies)