1. Create a Subversion repository

svnadmin create /path/to/repository

eg:-  svnadmin create /home/baiju/repos

2. Create one prject directory inside repository

svn mkdir file:///home/baiju/repos/Lams -m "New proeject"

3. Checkout project

svn co file:///home/baiju/repos/Lams

4. Create toplevel directory structure

cd Lams
mkdir trunk
mkdir tags
mkdir branches

5. Add and commit newly create directories into subversion

svn add trunk tags branches
svn ci -m "Created toplevel directories"

6. Checkout trunk with name as Lams

svn co file:///home/baiju/repos/Lams/trunk Lams

7. Create few files and add it to repository

vim __init__.py # Edit and save it
svn add __init__.py
svn ci __init__.py -m "New file added"